All you have to know prior to sitting EQE

It is among the most demanding professional exams. If you are willing to take EQE (European Qualifying Examination), you are probably informed about it.

In case you’re not or you want to examine your proficiency, you will consider this piece helpful.
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EQE has to be passed by everyone wanting to turn into a European Patent Attorney. As you may already realize, a patent attorney specializes in assisting his clients get patents and cope with their transgressions. Generally, he is an intellectual property law lawyer warsaw specialist. Nonertheless becoming one is linked with a lot of hard work and the outcome is verified during the specified exam. There are several details you have to be familiar with.

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As said on a vital condition that allows you to sit the EQE is receiving a university diploma. This has to be in science or technology. Following that, you are about to work in the European patent profession for three years. During that period you have to be supervised by a competent specialist. Next you are recquired to sit a pre-examination test. If you pass, you are enabled to try passing EQE. It consists of composing four papers.
There are various possibilities if you want to get ready for the examination. A lot of future European Patent Attorneys pick programs brought by epi (patentepi.

com): the “epi tutorial”, mock EQEs or an online training. If you decide on the first option, you will be granted a tutor and provided with feedback of your efforts. Good luck!

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