New work opportunities in a field of digital technologies – learning and experience.

IT field is extremely demanding, however, because of its strong development, a lot of young students have their opportunity to start carrier in some giant IT-firm. brand new technologies are the finest areas to earn fine money and learn useful techniques.


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In the Internet we can notice many employment advertisements connected with IT field, lots of them are addressed to young people with specific skills, but as well with some practical knowledge. Nevertheless the first thing which is checked is education, bachelor degree is a must for the majority of basic posts. One year of experience in computer-related field could help to find a job in server administration.

A systems administrator works with computer networks and strongly cares about their infrastructure and run. The person working on this post have to update system and managed important data and of’ course takes care of server safety. According to profession description employee who is hired in a space related with server administration checks the all computer networking system in environment by tracking the activity of the server, look after computer hardware, try to solve possible difficulties and dedicate their solution to the particular employees.

The good side of this work is the salary (the median earnings are around 75 000 a year), the bad side of this job are the necessarily of work from time to time at the weekends or in a odd hours, for example after 23:00 (many banks, accounting or outsourcing organisations require that) or very early mornings hours (shops) and high level of stress. A large nymber of businesses required an additional professional certification in different areas of IT, besides that a system administrator have to be familiar with the brand new inventions and the latest novelties, specially in server administration tools.


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The IT branch is one of the fastest developing employment fields.

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It brings wide opportunieties to extent individual experiences and learn a large number of unusual things. Job in this computer-related field is very demanding and full of sress, but as well it is the earning are nice and full of self-satisfaction.

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