Time tracking is the best way to estimate time and costs of your projects

Whether you are a creative agency member or freelance designer, you surely have struggled many times with the issue of accurate estimations. Needless to say, estimations is a very fragile subject. It affects two crucial factors of effective business – firstly – your income and time usage. Secondly – satisfaction and trust of your client.


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What happens when you don’t track your time?

When you assume how much time will your job take and how much to bill your client for this, it’s mostly guessing like “I think it gonna take 3 months and I will charge customer for $6000”. But what will you do when it shows up that your work will take a month longer and you your effort will be much bigger that you have preticted?

Than you will not be able to demand more money, bacause you’ve told your client how much he have to pay you. And it seems like you will work for additional month for free. How bad is that?


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Use time tracking and stop “guestimating”

Time tracking allows you to gather all time data in one place and analyze it whenever you want. So when you accomplished a project (for example: creating a website for small company) you can generate your report and see how much time have you devoted for each tasks inside this project, how much time a whole project took you and which employees took part in it.

Having those data, when the next project appears you can base on it while estimating. This knowledge will help you to take a flawless decisions about time and costs of project. It will be a huge relief for you as you will not have to bother working for free. And it’s also great sign for your client that you are trustworthy.

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