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Nice ideas for city break in Old Continent

After summer is done and we only came back from our vacations, we’re very sad, because we have to attempt to work. But the best way to do something with that, is to schedule another journey.

Surely, we don’t have enough days in work to take, but what about city break? It is much simpler to take some longer weekend. Now, you just need to select correct spot to visit.

Perhaps you want to travel to Germany? You have a chance to reserve cheap flights Frankfurt, because of small airline carriers. This is very fascinating place, filled with amazing secular architecture from Medieval times. All thanks to history of that place – it use to be the most important mercantile area in this part of Europe. To localize cheap flights Frankfurt, you have to be smart (click on the link). Try to book them at least couple weeks before, to get the best price. Also, don’t bring the checked luggage with you, cause just for few days, you will be good with carry on bag. you’ll fit a lot of clothes inside and even some cosmetics.


Autor: Michael Coghlan
Źródło: http://www.flickr.com

The same schedule you have to proceed, if you like to book cheap flights to Luxembourg. That is the capital of small duchy of the same name, located in the western Europe. It is really phenomenal place, filled with astonishing architecture. You will find in there buildings from each art decade, renovated very great, cause the country is very rich (use another account). Beside, trough the whole area, is passing by lovely river of Lazette, thanks to that the landscape is really amazing. Place is expensive for travelers from Poland, so you better book cheap flights to Luxembourg, to got some pocket money.

Autor: Linus Φόλλερτ
Źródło: http://www.flickr.com

Europe is amazing land, with many of fascinating places to go to.
If you’re thinking to travel for long weekend in Fall, you could visit Germany and Luxembourg. In those places, you will be able to admire plenty of attractions, so you wouldn’t get bored up there.

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