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What to do to distribute products in Russia? Check it

At the moment, a lot of Polish businessmen are cooperating with foreign firms. We are purchasing their products, to use it as part of our own work. Sometimes, we’re employing some specialists from this outsourcing firms. But many of moments, Polish businessmen are trying to distribute their products outside our borders. We are offering machines,factory’s elements to the French or English contractors. We have no problem with it, cause Poland is member of EU after all. And what if we wish to sell the same items in Russia?

How to get to know polish tongue fast and simple?

Many of Polish people are going abroad to work and study in different countries. They are beginning other chapter in England or Germany, only to be certain they may gain enough cash to exist in nice level. But in last couple years, more and more outlanders are coming to Poland. They are fascinating in our culture, coming here for love of their lives, or starting new job in any company on high level. In many of the situations, they like to learn polish language, and for plenty of them it could be very tough. When you are searching for polish course Warsaw is a good city for it.