How Jira Can Improve Your Team’s Efficiency?

Jira is a great software that faciliates teams working together. It’s a cloud based sofware so you and your employees can use it in every place in the world that has an internet connection. So if your company, firm or agency is divided into a few places in the world, you can even than watch the progress of your team’s productivity, see where the engagement is located and analyze resoults of work.

Work efficiency

Autor: Roy Mohan Shearer

Jira is mostly used by IT firms and developers, because it makes all steps of creating product (plans, building, improving, developing, launching) very easy. Jira detects and assorts issues itself, so project manager don’t need to worry that product will appear in the market incompleted, buggy or underdeveloped. You can ascribe your workes to each tasks and follow their – – activities so you can see how much they do and they will try to work more efficiently.

Time Tracking with Jira

Integration of Jira and time tracking software allows you to record and analyze all details of projects you are about to work on. The only one thing you have to remember is to click start job (see stop timer everytime you start working on each task. There is also an option that you can fill your activities after doing a task manually. There’s also a third option: you can switch to the manual mode based on keywords and allow TimeCamp to track time with Jira itself, without any need of operating it.

TimeCamp time tracker connected to Jira is a great solution for IT workers, desginers and web and software developers. It’s a practical tool for bosses and project managers who always wish to have accurate data of time allocation in one place to be able to check and analyze it everytime they need.

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