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You like to exercise more? Get a bicycle!

Since spring has finally arrived, we have far more power then during last, couple months. We are designing our apartments, arranging overhauls. going to a gym. Some of people are buying new clothes and going to the hairdressers. And when you wish to have the best benefit from this spectacular weather, you should start to use a bike as your main type of transportation. It’s nice for your shape and economy, cause it does not cost nothing. You do not have your own vehicle? Here are couple venues, where you can find one.

Automotive & transport – what are the most meaningful directions in terms of development of this sector nowadays?

At present people, who are for example older than 60 years find it really hard to function appropriately. Even though after recent decades a lot has improved in terms of infrastructure and technology on our planet, we ought to realize that people, who represent older generation find it in general really difficult to be in touch with latest developments. It is implied by the fact that similar people are often afraid of making something break down and are not so willing to take the risk.