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Are you going to buy a rear view camera? Buy a good one!

If you started reading this text, I am am sure that you are wondering about buying backup camera. There is one substantial fact I am conviced you have to remember about. I have seen many people that to save money by choosing cheapest versions of the best rear view camera. Don’t do it. Do not purchase the cheapest rear view camera just to save a little money. This is not worth it. I would recommend you to do something entirely opposite – buy the most expensive backup camera you could afford. I will describe concisely a short story of my cousin, that had to lose some money on camera in case to to understand that saving is not always the best option. From time to time, it makes you spenteven more money eventually.


Autor: Nicolas Senaud
Źródło: http://www.flickr.com
One year ago my cousin made up his mind to buy a reverse camera. He asked me for my opinion. I suggested him that this is a very good idea to purchase reverse camera as I had been using a rear view camera already for a few years and I was very happy with it. Later on I told him that plenty car brands create rear view cameras tailored specifically for their car models. As my cousin had a bmw car, I suggested him 2 models that I thought that would be greatest for him: rear view camera e90 and bmw reverse camera e60.
Afterward, I haven’t talked to my cousin for a while. When I eventually met him later he still didn’t have a backup camera in a car. When I started this topis he looked angry. He said that 1 of his friends had convinced him to buy a little cheaper version of camera I had suggested to him. Because of this, the backup camera he bought was not directly adapted to his car as its installation required to overly interfere with his car. When he finally managed to install this camera, the image from rear view camera will be of much worst quality than he expected. He had lost not only money, but also his time. He was so mad with a quality of the view, that he made a decision to stopped using this camera and purchase the better one. Probably 1 of these I had suggested to him earlier.


Autor: Oleksii Leonov
Źródło: http://www.flickr.com
Don’t make this stupid mistake which my cousin did. If you don’t trust me, I would suggest you to check some internet forums. There are many individuals who purchased cameras only because they were inexpensive, and now they regret it.

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