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You will not guess what car gadget I found

I possess a driving licence for ages. I enjoy driving and I have always believed that I know everything about new technology in the area cars. Long time ago I have heard something about a rear view camera. Unluckily, I wasn’t particularly interested in this subject at that time. This is 1 of these moments when you think about it and you entirely don’t get yourself – how could I find out about those cameras and forgot about this?


Autor: TATA
Źródło: Marubeni Motors Poland
A few years later I had a chance to become familiar with these kind of camera. I was in a car with my friend when I saw that he uses oem bmw reverse camera. Fortunately, that time I become interested about that. I started to throw questions so he did tell me about his experience with backup camera. It is very attractive. Plenty of people have it inside their cars. I believe that in a while it is going to be present in every car. I am conviced that because of two reasons I will describe very concisely in the article below.

Firstly, it improves safety. But not just yours – also passengers as well as traffic participants. As a result of this kind of camera you can drive safer. The camera I have watched was bmw rear view camera retrofit. I could see on my own eyes how hugely such camera supports function of car mirrors. As a result of that, driver can see all behind a car. It enables to totally eliminate a blind area. I am conviced that every driver is aware why it makes driving that much more comfortable when we don’t have to bother about blind area anymore.

Secondly, I was observing my colleague using reverse camera during reversing his car into a parking space. He seemd to be so a great deal more calm than driver counting only on standard mirrors. Nonetheless, the reason rather obvious – as I did mentioned above – there is no need to worry blind area anymore.


Autor: Nacho
Źródło: http://www.flickr.com
Consequently, I would highly encourage you to go and see how those cameras function. I believe that reading about it is not enough. Nevertheless, once you see how much easier it is to reverse the car to a parking place with a rear view camera, you would like to have it in a car too. I am conviced that one of your friends would be happy to show you how their camera functions.

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